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logicisfailing in kdramas

Kdramas with exes (married couples, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc). reuniting?

So, I've been watching Emergency Couple (no spoilers other than the general premise, I promise). While I'm currently waiting for new episodes of that, are there any other kdramas where a couple reunites after divorcing/breaking up? I'd prefer if they end up together again (if they don't, just tell me in a spoiler tag so I can be prepared, lol).


i'm watching emergency couple, too! there is another rom-com that just started airing (5-6 episodes in) called sly and single again/ cunning single lady with lee minjung and joo sangwook; it's about a couple who broke up because of financial difficulties and after their divorce, her ex-husband lands a large investment and becomes mega rich, and she tries seducing him again.
I'm really liking Emergency Couple! What do you think of it?

I saw that one (Sly and Single Again) advertised on dramafever - how is it so far? If I watch it, I'll probably hold off until more episodes are available. I tend to binge watch kdramas, haha.
i like emergency couple quite a lot, too! i'm far too young and inexperienced to really understand the topic of divorce, but i think the characters are written well enough for the emotions to come through to the audience anyway. i do, however, wish that the drama would focus a little more on the love triangle, especially on chun-soo, because he needs to be way more aggressive to trigger jin-hee's emotions to be considered a worthy opponent of chang-min's---even though they did say he's awful at expressing himself. :(

i like sly and single again as well! i haven't watched the last two episodes, but it's a really cute rom-com with its laugh-out-loud moments and a bit of exaggerated acting, but nothing too cringe-worthy. it's definitely more light-hearted than emergency couple, but both characters also happen to have extremely flawed personalities that can be quite frustrating at times.
I have seen two like that: Alone In Love and Beloved.
Thanks for the suggestions! I'll look into these :-)
Paradise Ranch
I love Chang Min's jealous/annoyed/angry face. Good filler drama while waiting for new episodes of other dramas. :D

I didn't really get into this one.
Ohlala Couple
Haha, yeah Chang Min can be pretty entertaining. I'm definitely enjoying it. I'm watching My Love From Another Star right now too.

Paradise Ranch looks like it might be good...I'll probably start it after I finish one of the other dramas I'm watching now.
Ohlala Couple and Paradise Ranch. I tried posting and it said it was marked as spam...maybe because I posted links...
That's weird - it must be because of the links (maybe this community has some special non-spam setting? I've never had it happen somewhere else that I remember...) I reviewed the "suspicious comment" and unmarked it as spam so it should show up now.
It was weird..thanks...at least I know if it happens again somewhere that the poster can see the post. :D Must be a new thing.

Pretty sure I know one...

Does it count if they get together, then break up, and then get back together again? Because Fated to Love You definitely qualifies.

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