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tsukisagi in kdramas


Hi all! I'm kinda new to the K-drama fandom, I was wondering if there's still anyone around this community who is willing to talk about k-dramas and share recommendations?

Also, I have been planning to make some icons of my favorite korean drama so far: Dr. Frost. Is someone interested in them, too? I could share them here if so :)


Finally! \ ^__^ /
I'd be happy to have some if you'd be willing to make them. (Sad, but... I have zero skills in that area. T_T)

Will you also be using the webtoon/webmanhwa(?) the K-drama originated from? (=> Dr. Frost - The second link is what I mean. Although the first one leads to a totally different but equally good/adorable/fun story! I swear!!!)
Because that I'd definitely be interested in! <3
(Especially the latest chapters with 'Pawlow'! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3)
Hey there! I think I'll be making them someday in the near future, I'm glad I found someone who is also interested in them :)

Oh yes, I've read the manhwa! I got to Chapter 88 of the old fansubs but they never subbed the new chapters, I was really happy to see there's now original fansubs when I found out some months ago. I didn't know they were up to Pavlov's arriving already, that's awesome! :O

I only thought of making icons from the TV series but maybe it'd be a good idea to make them from the manhwa too :) Do you have any special scenes you'd like to be made into icons?

Thank you so much for your comment! Also, do you happen to know any sites where there's a Dr. Frost fandom or something like that? Maybe fanfiction? I've tried to search for it but I'm aware that it didn't get so popular when the series aired. Thanks in advance!
Hah, then it's the other way 'round for you than it has been for me. :-)
I first saw the drama - thanks to a rec from a dear friend - and then discovered on my own that yes, there IS a webtoon going with it. Or manhwa. Or whatever you call it. ;-)

As far as fandoms or sites go... Sorry. I don't know any! T_T
There're too fewsome entries in various wikis but---Meh. Too few and too little!
=> Asian Wiki
=> D-Addicts

Thank you, by the way, for considering making icons of the manhwa, too. Personally, I'd prefer something with both Pavlov and Frost. <3
(There's an adorable pic - or two or three! For example in Chapter 45, where Yoon Sung-A imagines them with identical outfits. Or her quote in Chapter 44 about names/naming.)
Yes, I absolutely love that chapter! ...how'd you guess? ;-)
Oh no I actually also first watched the drama and then started reading the webtoon :) Yeah there are too few and too little, I wish there were more but I'm happy I still found a wonderful fanfic though I'd love to find more.

No problem, I'm already working on some icons and will consider those chapters with Pavlov and Frost!


I saw a lot of Asian dramas. Most of them are Korean. You could say, that my speciality is rom-com series. :)

RE: Hello

Hey there! I haven't watched many romantic dramas but would love to hear some recommendations :)

Re: Hello

Historic ones: Bridal mask, Reply 1997, The moon that embraces the sun, Rooftop prince & King 2 hearts & Goong are series where characters lives in the modern times.
Fantasy: Secret garden, My girlfriend is a gumiho
School: Sassy girl Chun Hyang, Hana Yori dango (2 seasons and movie), Hana kimi, King of high school, Who are you (School 2015. School 2013 is about friendship)
Music: You're beautiful, Shut up flower boy band, Heartstrings
Food: King of baking Kim Tak Goo, Flower boy ramyun shop, My name is Kim Sam Soon
Family: Mom
Slice of life: One litre of tears (You will not forget this)
Ghost: The master's sun (At first, I also doubted this drama but it was so good), Oh my ghost
Disease, obsessions: It's okay it's love, Kill me heal me (love it)
Cops: You're all surrounded
Remakes: For me Hana Yori dango is better than Boys over flowers. Also, there are series Playfull kiss. For me the Thai version is the best, then there are Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese series. I saw all of them.
Full house. I liked thai version more than Korean.
49 days, Coffee prince, Ex-girlfriend's club, Liar game
Later, I will tell more.

Re: Hello

Sorry for such a late reply! Thanks a lot for all your recommendations, I'll sure check out as much as I can. The first drama I ever watched was Liar Game and I see you mentioned it in your list, do you know any other dramas similar to that one? Thanks to it is that I knew about Dr. Frost and now it's one of my favorites. I'd love to see other dramas where the story is focused in something besides the main characters but they actually develop a relationship, something like that :P

I've been meaning to start watching Kill me heal me, they've said it's very good. Oh yes Boys over flowers, they've recommended it me a lot of times, I should give it a try. I also read about My name is Kim San Soon, oh there are just so many I'd like to watch!

Again, thank you so much for your list, I'll keep it in mind! I'm a newbie in what comes to Korean dramas but I'm enjoying it so far. If you have more recommendations or would like to keep talking about dramas, I'd be more than happy to hear them! :D

Re: Hello

No worries. :)
Liar game is a very good drama, so I don't know if I can compare it to other dramas. Also, there is a Korean remake too.
One litre of tears~, maybe Bridal mask, Reply 1997.
Yep, watch Kill me heal me, it's really good. I think that Japanese version is much better than the Korean, so watch Hana yori dango, not Boys over flowers.
Okay, now I'm watching 5-ji kara 9-ji kara Japanese drama, it's about relationships but it's really cute and you're going to laugh a lot, but you need to wait for new episode more than a week. :(

RE: Re: Hello

Yes I actually have only watched the Korean remake and I really liked it! I've heard the Japanese drama had more than one season, am I right?

Oh I'll check out those three especially, thank you! And also Kill me heal me :) I see, so I should go for Hana yori dango, I do believe it must be better because the bits I've seen of Boys over flowers didn't convince me :P

I like dramas like that, too! Is it still airing? I'm going to check it out!

What are your favorite actors and actresses? I don't have many just yet but I find it funny that some of the dramas I've watched I only did because of the actors! Has it happened to you?

Re: RE: Re: Hello

Yes, I think it's two seasons and movies. I think I watched Hana Yori Dango 3 times...

5-ji kara 9-ji kara just finished. It has 10 episodes and I really liked it. You can watch it on dramanice.

I watched a lot of dramas, so now I find new ones through actors and actresses I liked.

Lee Byung Hun, Lee Seung Gi, Yoo Seung Ho, Hyun Bin, Cha Tae Hyun, Ji Chang Wook, Song Joong Ki, So Ji Sub, Ji Sung, Seo In Guk, Park Seo Joon, Jo In Sung...
Jun Matsumoto, Toma Ikuta, Hiro Mizushima, Yamashita Tomohisa, Kazuya Kamenachi, Oguri Shun
Shin Min Ah, Ha Ji Won, Yoon Eun Hye, Gong Hyo Jin, Jung Son Min, Kim Tae Hee.
Ishihara Satomi
I like a lot of actors. If you like drama, you have to like actors acting and vice versa.

RE: Re: RE: Re: Hello

Thank you, I'll check it out! Haha I get what you mean, and yeah I guess it's an obvious thing :P I don't like that many actors just yet but maybe eventually, when I watch more dramas.

I'm currently watching a Chinese one called Love me if you dare, it's just the kind of drama I enjoy the most like with a bit of romance but also mystery and Psychology. I hesitated at first because I hadn't watched a Chinese drama before but it's good so far.

RE: Re: RE: Re: Hello

Oh and happy new year! Hope you have a wonderful 2016!

Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: Hello

You'll love a lot of actors, just wait. Dramas makes you addicted. Not long ago I watched Korean drama similar to "Love me if you dare", that's why maybe later I'll watch it. Happy New Year to you too. Have a nice year with dramas :)

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Yeah they definitely do! I've started two dramas recently: "Moorim School" and "The Scales of Providence". I'm liking the first a lot, and the second not that much but I'm watching it because I love Song Chang Eui, he's my favorite actor so far :D I also really like Lee Sang Yoon, so I just had to watch this drama!

"Love me if you dare" is a good drama but not one in my top list, at some point it got tiresome for me mostly because I felt like everything was pretty predictable. Still, I believe it's great for suspense and romantic moments. When it comes to the psychological genre, I stay with "Dr. Frost"!

I hope you have a nive year with dramas, too! :)

Re: Hello

I'm watching "Moorim school' too. I heard it has problems with production and the filming is halted but we should hope for the best. I like the bromence in this drams Lee Hyun Woo is really cute. I should watch less dramas... I read the story line and the plot is similiar to "Hello monster" with Seo In Guk. :)

Re: Hello

Oh I'm glad you're watching it, too! I've been enjoying it a lot. Aww really? :( I didn't know that, they can't cancel Moorim School >_< I also hope for the best! I love all the characters, and yeah, the bromance is super fun!

Ah yes, this drama is in my to watch list, just that I know it by the name "I Remember You" :) Did you like it?

Re: Hello

I made a few mistakes in my letter. Hehe, sorry. Yes, I believe you'll like it too. It has less romance and more drama. Of course, I wouldn't give it 10/10. :)

Re: Hello

Don't worry! I hope I'll like it best, what bothered me the most of "Love me if you dare" was that the romance seemed rushed and not necessary. Oh ok, so what score would you give it? And are there any dramas to which you would give 10/10? :)

I recently read that Moorim School will now have 16 episodes instead of 20 :( Well at least I'm glad they didn't cancel it!

Re: Hello

Now I'm watching Japanese dramas because I don't know which Korean dramas are worth to watch. I saw "Love shuffle" and "Orange days". "Orange days" is a really nice drama. I cried, felt happy and the lead guy is an amazing actor. Also, the soundtrack of this drama is really good.!

Re: Hello

I haven't watched many Japanese dramas but my favorite is definitely "Nodame Cantabile", I love everything about it: story, characters, music, etc., and I also laughed and cried with it, it's amazing! It was the first drama I ever watched, too, and I continued watching them thanks to it.

I also have some titles in my to watch list, the first one is "Last Cinderella" which was recommended by a dear friend some time ago.

I should check out "Orange Days"!

Re: Hello

I saw it. It's a great drama. Korean adaptation is so so. I remember I saw "Last cinderella' one episode but I don't remember why I didn't watch it till the end. Maybe I should give it a second try.

RE: Re: Hello

It's amazing! Did you also watch the movies and the special? I saw there was a Korean version but I didn't like so much how it looked at first glance.

Yes maybe you should, though I personally don't know if it's good or not.

Re: RE: Re: Hello

I think I saw it but I don't remember it clearly. It saw this drama some years ago. :)

Re: RE: Re: Hello

I don't remember but I think I watched them. Also, I saw "Last cinderella" till the end. It's about younger boyfriend-older girlfriend couple. After a long time I watched Taiwanese drama "Mars". It has a lot of positive feedback. It's a love story. Characters have complicated life stories. Also, it talks about abuse, friends, family. Now, Koreans has a new drama "Descendents of the sun". It looks quite promising. Soldier (Song Joon Ki) and doctor. Hmmmm... I'm watching "Trap in cheese". I think I'm not going to watch "Moorim school" anymore. I lost interest in it.

Re: Hello

Hey, had missed talking to you! :) What did you think about Last Cinderella, did you like it? Oh yeah, I've seen there are many promising dramas coming out. Unfortunately, I don't have much time to watch anything nowadays :( I'll have a two weeks vacation starting next Friday so I'll make sure I finish at least one of the dramas in my long to-watch list :P It's sad to hear and say, but I've given up watching Moorim School, too :( Why did you lose interest in it?

Re: Hello

I thought that I won't like it because of the year gap between couple but it was cute. That kind of Japanese dramas is fun to watch. The girl is boy-ish and doesn't know much about love. You're so lucky to have 2 weeks vacation. I'm waiting for my one week vacation. :) I wanted to watch it because of lead actor but all scenario has too much fantasy. Actress also doesn't look young enough to go to this kind of school. Another character is rich boy, his father has to do something with this school. Don't know, it's boring and predictable. You should watch Reply 1988, it's really a good quality drama. Maybe at first you'll be not so familiar with this kind of set, time and all Korean things but it's not predictable, heartwarming, funny and relatable. I fell in love with characters. I even watched actors different tours around Korea, interviews and all day long listened to OST of this drama :) Also, how old are you?

RE: Re: Hello

I had those thoughts, too! It's quite predictable and the lead actresses don't look young enough. I also didn't like how the couples turned out to be haha.

Reply 1988 is in my to-watch list! I've been looking forward for a drama where I fall in love with the characters, the last time it happened to me was with Dr. Frost. I'll let know you what I think about it, thanks for the recommendation!

I'm 21, and you? :)

Re: RE: Re: Hello

I'm 19 :) Reply is really good!!!

RE: Re: RE: Re: Hello

Oh you're so young! You mentioned vacations before, are you in school? Or do you work? :)

Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: Hello

You're also young. I'm studying veterinary. :) And from today I'm going to have Easter vacation for 1 week.

RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: Hello

Aww thanks! Veterinary sounds interesting, I'm studying psychology. What did you do on your vacation? :)

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I met my friends, watched dramas, today I danced and I have a lot of things to learn but I didn't learn anything... Now I'm tired but instead of going to bed I began watching Rain, Lee Min Jung drama.

RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: Hello

It sounds like you had a lot of fun! What dramas did you watch? Is Rain the same as Please Come Back, Mister?

Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: Hello

Yes, it's quite good. Last Rain drama was bad but thank god that this one is funny! Great acting

RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: Hello

Sorry for taking so long to reply, have been a bit busy with college, my graduation is next month. Lately I have been thinking of watching Descendants of the Sun, everyone is talking about it. Have you watched it?

Also, do you have other ways where we could talk? You seem a nice person and we'be been talking in this thread for months now :) Maybe instagram or something, just if you'd like to, if not no problem!

Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: Hello

Oh, good luck with all of your graduation stuff! :) I watched it. I think it's good. Acting is great. It's about soldiers and doctors.
There are funny, lovely and breathtaking moments. I found a new actor I like JinGoo. He is a second lead in this drama. Yes, I'll write it to you. :)

RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: Hello

Thank you! :) I must watch it then, I've been seeing a lot about it and I like it. Yes I also saw Jin Goo and seems a good actor, I'm glad you think so. My list just keeps getting bigger, there are many interesting new dramas along with old ones I really want to watch. Thanks :)

RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: Hello

Oh also, do you happen to be on instagram? I recently created an account and have been enjoying it a lot, it's a great way to find out about new dramas and stuff. I'm pcapsic over there in case you'd like to follow each other :)

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Oh, forgot to ask. What's that drama similar to "Love me if you dare" you watched?

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