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Korean Dramas
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Since 2004.

Welcome fellow KOREAN DRAMA FANS. You have stumbled upon the ever growing community for kdramas! Kdramas dates back to the Shilla Kingdom (52 B.C. - A.D. 935), where the art of musicals, dramas, storylines were expressed. For example, Ch'oyong and later, the Sandae from the Koryo Dynasty (918-1392). The art has evolved to what we call Modern Korean Dramas. Some classic and popular dramas are: Winter Sonata, Full House, Stairway to Heaven, Damo, Summer Scent and MORE. In closure, discuss and share your creativity in the world of kdrama. This isn't mandatory but at least post once in awhile, but furthermore, enjoy your stay and don't stay up too late ^_~

  • Anything Kdrama is savvy enough for this community (loosely speaking).

  • Anyone seeking for Korean Movies, stop by korean_cinema
    If you would like to affiliate with kdramas then please send an email to kdsmails@gmail.com.

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